Tuning Essentials: Tuning 365 #1

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Of all the books we put out for 2013/2014, this was one of the best received and best selling. Consider it a yearbook of sorts, with all the show and feature highlights from the past years. As SEMA 2012 capped off the year, we brought a ton of coverage, even if you're not (or weren't) media or a buyer/distributor, etc., you could feel like you were there, too.

We also put on a little thing we like to call Tuner Battlegrounds, which enjoyed tremendous success in its first year. Literally everyone and their friends are signing up to compete for a cover feature and a free trip to SEMA, and for 2015, we think you should too!

Tuning 365 packed the best features, events, and tech into one super cool mag. 'Nuff said.