Tuning Essentials: Trucks #9

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We're freshly back from SEMA, and after being exposed to some of the world's biggest, baddest and wildest trucks, we've got a good handful of cool things to show you. SEMA trucks set the bar high, so for this issue we've gathered up the most quality truck content we could get our hands on.

First things first, we’ll dive into some of the newest truck offerings from the big manufacturers, as well as some of the most innovative new technology you can expect to find in them. We’ve also put together a buyer’s guide crammed full of the latest and greatest truck products, with everything from wheels and tires to truck-specific electronics to help put together your dream build.

Speaking of dream builds, we know a big portion of our PASMAG TRUCKS audience has a thing for SEMA trucks, and if you’re aspiring to build one of your own, we have just the thing for you. Our friend Jay Canter breaks down the ins and outs of building his truck for the big show, so take notes if you’re gunning for the top spot. If you need inspiration, we’ve got a couple of features from the SEMA floor that are sure to please every truck lover. David Fischer’s Duramax on tracks is the definition of an unconventional big truck build.

Instead of your usual four wheels, you’ll find a set of all-terrain tracks similar to those on the military’s most hardy vehicles, owned by a professional snowmobile racer with a penchant for getting himself out to the deep wilderness.

From there, we visit DEFCO Trucks in Colorado. DEFCO Trucks’ BA-350 is one of
the baddest trucks our editorial team has ever been given a ride in, so we break down exactly how the teams involved turned this F-350 into a truck that is all business.

All of this is just a scratch on the surface of all the content we’re bringing you this
time around. As always, thanks for picking up the issue! We’re positive you’re going to enjoy this one.

PASMAG Associate Editor