Tuning Essentials: Trucks #7

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Lifted, Leveled, and Low

We’re back! This is our 2nd annual Tuning Essentials: Trucks special edition issue of the 2017 calendar year. If you’re reading, we have reason to believe that big wheels, chrome accents, bright lights, and loud exhausts are some of your favorite things. Luckily for you, we’ve got a healthy dose of those things crammed into these pages.

As you make your way through the issue, you’ll be met with some of the coolest content the wild world of trucks has to offer. Starting with our trending section, we’re bringing you a handful of SEMA truck previews to keep your eyes and ears on the lookout for at the big show. Additionally, we’ve got a closer look at some cool projects from both manufacturers and individuals with a vision.

After checking out the hottest news in the industry, you’ll be able to turn your attention to the latest and greatest products (style, technologyperformance, mobile electronics, lifestyle) offered by the brands you know and love. Nine pages stuffed full of more than 50 products for your truck will help you choose your next modification, so keep a pen, pad, or smartphone ready to take notes.

Once you’ve seen the coolest products available, we’ll take a look at some examples of just how far you can take things with the right parts and some elbow grease with our feature trucks.

First up, you’ll be taking a ride in the world’s fastest Nissan Titan, which is built for drags, trucks pulling, and everything in between. The Titan’s owner, Walter Cheney, walks us through what it takes to break the record as a small town mechanic with a dream.

From there you’ll be taking a look at Lane Wakeland’s “SlowLowStancedSixFo” F-250 (spoiler alert: there’s nothing “slow” about it), and Travis Poirier’s Dodge Ram show truck that looks like it’s ready for SEMA.

Of course, as usual, we’ll wrap things up with a PASMAG Preferred Dealer directory full of reputable shops and dealers worth visiting, and we’ll close the book with everyone’s favorite PAS-time, out Spot The Differences game.

As always, thank you for picking up the issue. Whatever the type of trucking you’re into, I can promise we’ve got something for you in here. Get reading!

Adam Gordon
Associate Editor