Tuning Essentials: Style Book #4

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Step Up Your Style Game. Four years ago, I honestly thought that the widebody trend would have been completely fizzled out, but here I am, back for PASMAG’s fourth installment of the Style Book, where wide hips on cars are still taking center stage. Not to say that the game hasn’t changed; you guys and this scene are always surprising us.

Since the V1s of Rocket Bunny and Liberty Walk arrived on the shores of North America, Kei Miura has been pumping out designs, increasing in width and complexity with each year. It’s no secret that they’ve become more and more popular among enthusiasts, and so to standout, enthusiasts are reaching for the more exclusive kits, or even kit-bashing different kit bits to create their own look altogether.

Our two feature vehicles are great evidence of this. On the cover is Peter Pang’s Nissan R35 GT-R donning BenSopra’s rare widebody. Yes, the one with the tilt-up cowl hood. With the right pieces on the car swapped out and updated where needed, we think (and we may be a little biased here) that this is the best that this kit has ever been pulled off. Doesn’t that shade of red look like it was made for the kit on this car?

Also wearing red is Drew Evans’ Infiniti G37XS, but this is more of a Martian shade, as his fascination with space is a driving factor behind his build. Evans is an enthusiast who wanted to standout, and with no sedan widebody options, he made Liberty Walk’s coupe kit work with some talented fabrication. The G37 is tied together with choice parts, inside and out.

Speaking of which, if you’re after your own selection of choice parts, we just so happened to have stocked our Buyers Guide with them! Car care, exterior and interior additions, suspension, lighting, wheels, and tires are all present and accounted for. Get your wish lists ready.

We also spoke to professionals in the industry to answer some questions we had. Like, what’s the story with Rotiform and how do they do what they do? Or how about what to think about when doing and shave and tuck job (Intech Performance)? Choosing a set of custom coilovers (BC Racing NA, MCA Suspension, Scale Suspension) got you frazzled? We’ve got all that and more in this issue.

We hope you enjoy the issue and make a few notes to up your aesthetic game. We’re expecting 2017 to be one hell of a stylish season as a result.

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Micky Slinger