Tuning Essentials: Car Audio #4

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Start Your Wish Lists. If you love your sound as much as we do, then you’re probably as stoked about this issue as we are. Our Mobile Electronics special issue is upon us once again, and as always, it delivers everything you’ve wanted to know about the M.E. world from the best audio companies out there.

Are you in the market for a new head unit? How about a woofer? Maybe an amp? All of the above? You came to the right place, buddy. Our technical editor and sound engineer extraordinaire, Garry Springgay has been slaving away over his test bench to bring you the latest in product reviews from the brands you want. Hertz, Illusion Audio, Pioneer, ARC Audio, Clarion and many more have had their newest offerings analyzed and measured with the utmost accuracy.

Say you’ve gone through the Test Reports and still haven’t found something to tickle your fancy (unlikely). We’ll, we’ve got a whole lot more where that came from! Our monstrous Buyers Guides house over 140 of the latest and greatest products - from receivers and speakers to wiring and safety devices. I dare you to flick through those pages and not make a wish list.

Somehow, after all that testing, Mr. Springgay still managed to pump out his usual Sound Advice column. You guys have requested it and it’s finally here: a guide to sound staging! If you’ve been trying to make your in-car band play front and center, you’ll want to give this a gander.

If you’re American, you may not know the name “Visions Electronics.” Heck, some of you Canadians may not have heard of them. All you need to know is: they live and breathe 12-volt. Not wanting to be the company that just slaps in head units and speakers all day, head office sets up a training exercise every year for their install staff to learn a thing or two. This year, training day got turned on its head, as it turned into a full-on 48-hour build-off ! Check out the full feature for a look at just how passionate Visions is about what they do.

There's even more inside, including some step-by-step DIYs, so take a flip through (with a pen and paper for that wish list) and start building! Let us know if you found what you’re looking for at letters@pasmag.com. If you’re already building something, give us a shout, too. We always love to see what you’re up to.