Tuning Essentials: Trucks #5

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PASMAG Trucks is back again for its second run in 2016! We’re glad you could join us for another issue full of the baddest trucks and truck products the industry has to offer. From skyscraper lift kits to ground-level body drops, there’s a truck for everyone here.

We’ll start off with some previews of the trucking world’s newest vehicles, taking a look at what’s trending in the production sphere this year. We’ve also got some close looks at concept projects and prototypes that are almost ready for production to keep you excited. Once you’re warmed up to the happenings of the truck world, we’ve got an assortment of resources to help you outfit your own truck.

Our truck product Buyer’s Guide is 10 pages full of the latest and greatest products that we could find, with everything from suspension kits to multiple-function mobile electronics designed specifically for your truck. Wheels, tires, and lighting are all within the guide, with a focus on what mobile electronics can do for you and your vehicle this time around.

We’ve also got Garry Springgay on deck to test out two new products: A Cerwin-Vega 5-channel amplifier and an Axxera multimedia receiver head unit, both of which make an excellent addition to the audio system of any vehicle. He will take you through the technical specifications, as well as some listening observations for each product, and give you the rundown on when and where to use it.

From there, we take a look at what happens when you put all these high quality products together in one complete product with our feature trucks. We’ve got a slammed 4x4 dually on forged American Force wheels which tows a matching Z06 to get things started, followed by a Silverado from Arc Audio with an impressive audio installation. We’ve also got a pleasant surprise for our drifting fans with a Baja truck from Valvoline piloted by two special drivers from the world of Formula Drift.

Thanks for picking up the second PASMAG Trucks issue of 2016. We tried our best to include a truck for all tastes, and we think we’ve managed to fit something for everyone within these pages. We hope you enjoy it. Keep on truckin’, PAS fans! pasmag.com/subscribe

Adam Gordon
Associate Editor