Tuning Essentials: Car Audio #6

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Here Comes The Boom! 

This is PASMAG’s 6th edition of the Car Audio Upgrade Guide special issue, dedicated to all that is loud, proud, and stoking the crowd. If you’re in the market for some serious upgrades, or you’re just curious about what some of the newest tech out there for your sound system is, you’ve come to the right place.

Garry Springgay is the man with the plan, and quite possibly some type of time distortion device, as we have no idea how he’s able to crank out Test Reports of the newest mobile electronics with such a frequency. There are nine in this issue alone, ranging from bow to stern, head units up front to subs in the trunk, all from some serious innovators in the in-car technology game. Get yourself learned. Our feature car this time around is the build process as a whole of the Clarion Builds NSX. You remember that little Bimmer we featured last year? Consider this the follow-up hit. The Builds team has taken a roughed-up 1991 Acura NSX and transformed it into a street-able daily driver supercar with some of the most innovative tech to hit the industry in some time.

Are we famous for our product guides yet? We should be at this point. I mean, we go really in-depth with them For every single speaker, amp, and sub we’ve listed in this issue a breakdown of their specs for you to compare as you browse. (You’re welcome). Be sure to check out the guides for head-units and batteries, as well as “12-Volt Accessories,” which has all the bits and bobs to help complete your system.

From everyone here at PASMAG, we really hope you enjoy our 6th edition of the Car Audio Upgrade Guide special issue. It wil sent to subscribers mid-August and available on newsstands at the end of August.

Have a question or comment? Building something awesome? Send me an email at editor@pasmag.com! I always love to hear from you guys.

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Until then: Stay loud!