Tuning Essentials: Car Audio #5

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Loud Noises. You love your car audio. We get it. Welcome, friend. Our Car Audio Upgrade Guide - 5th Edition - special issue is upon us once again, and as always, it delivers tips, tricks, advice, reviews and the hottest products out there at the moment.

Garry Springgay, our audio reviewer and tuning fork extraordinaire, has been super busy testing the latest products so you know what’s right for you, like Sony’s high resolution audio system, Focal’s KX2 sound quality components, a digital amp and processor Audison combo, as well as Audiomobile’s EVO 2410 subwoofer with something called M-CAR in it. Want to know more? Flip over to those Test Reports.

As advertised on our cover, there’s over 40 hot new products in here, some of which are actually CES exclusives that you’ll only see here first! Speaking of CES, I did a little newswire roundup of some of the stories and rumors milling about for the big electronics show. There’s a huge focus on OEMs and electric cars that drive themselves – blasphemy!

If you’ve been around the car audio game for any part of the past three decades, chances are you’ve heard of Mark Eldridge or his 1987 Toyota 4Runner. If not, maybe you’ll recognize him as the guy who makes award-winning audio builds out of freaking Sprint Cup cars. Eldridge is an engineer, an innovator, a winner, a fountain of knowledge and this issue’s Legend. If you want to learn yourself something real good, I’d make sure to absorb every iota of education that he dropped in Shaun Keenan’s interview.

On top of all this, we’ve got columns from pros and even some audio event coverage from overseas. Get dug in, flip on through and let us know how we did when you’re done at letters@pasmag.com.

Order your advance copy of PASMAG Tuning Essentials: Car Audio Upgrade Guide (5th Edition) at www.pasmag.com/backissues. (On newsstands in January 2016)