PASMAG #139 Oct / Nov 2016

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This one's for you! 

I think I can say with confidence that Hondas are where the vast majority of us got our start. Whether it was affordability, economical reasons, the endless aftermarket, or maybe even some kind of family loyalty – most of us have had some form of experience with or in a Honda.

For some reason, Honda owners get a bad rap, and maybe that’s because the cars are just that accessible. Not everyone can afford a Subaru or an old Nissan, but when you’re young and dumb, nine times out of ten, you can find a Honda hanging out on someone’s driveway in your neighborhood with a “For Sale” sign propped up in the window. For a couple hundred dollars, they usually still run well enough (because nothing besides burning oil can seem to kill these buggers), and it takes a whole $30 to grab a fart can exhaust from the local auto parts shop, bolt it on, and pretend to be a racecar at your local drive-thru joint. This is where the stereotypes originate.

For those true enthusiasts that put in the time and effort to build something quality, whether it be for the street, show, or track, we have a lot of respect for you. You take the lawnmower and “my milk jug has more displacement than your engine” jokes on the chin and continue with your vision. You deal with the immaturity and build on what most people can’t see is a seriously potent tuning platform. For that, we at PASMAG, of which 90 percent of us have owned or still own Hondas, applaud you. The twist on this issue is for you guys.

We still have all the usual PASMAG fixings, like show coverage, product guides, trending news, upcoming builds, and features, but there’s just a little more VTEC injected into each one this time around. Check out a team feature on the renowned Team Emotion, as I well as the final, and most impressive NSX to come out of Umbrella Auto Design’s doors. We also said goodbye to our Accord+ project car this month, so we gave it a fitting farewell in the form of a little feature. That’s just the beginning of the issue.

Our featured vehicles are all a little different this time around. Derek Covington’s boosted S2000 is built to be a full custom creation, Lester Rivera’s CTR clone is built to be in spec with the car he’s modelled his Civic after, and Jud Lagunas has taken an unassuming platform and transformed it into a showstopper with a vintage feel. They’re each built for different tastes or different reasons, but each car is built by a dedicated craftsman who’s focused on transforming their Honda into something that breaks the mold of what the rest of the community may view Hondas as.

As someone who’s owned a few Hondas (’97 Integra GS and an ’01 Prelude SE), personally, these cars will always have a special place in my heart, no matter what I’m driving. They gave me my start and led me to where I am today. I can happily ignore the attention cravers at gas stations and coffee shops, because I know that somewhere nearby, a real enthusiast is making his dreams come true in his garage.

Whether you love Hondas, or hate them, I hope you enjoy the issue all the same!