PASMAG #137 Jun / Jul 2016

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The Quest for Power

There comes a time in every car owners’ life when you want more power. For me, since I own an FR-S, it's every time I have to go uphill. And with the aftermarket as it is today, there are almost endless possibilities as to where the source of that new power could come from.

If you’re only looking for a bit, maybe it’s the tried and true intake/header/exhaust formula that will make your butt dyno happy. However, if you’re really hungry for power, there are really only two options that make sense: boost it or swap it.

When you’re thinking boost, that can even go one of two ways: turbo or supercharger. Then from there, you have to start looking into different configurations and mounting systems. Is there a lot? Yes. Can it be confusing? Totally. Do we have you covered in this issue? As always.

When you’re swapping an engine in, you’re basically doing a heart transplant, except in some cases you’d be taking a regular heart out and replacing it with a superhuman’s. You’ve got to make sure it can be mounted and be mindful of exactly what else needs to be done to support a change like that. Don’t worry we go into that here as well, bud.

Our June/July issue is titled “Boost & Swap,” (look at the cover if you don’t believe me) so it’s only suitable that besides packing it with knowledge, we also charged the pages with some amazing features and standout products that all have to do with MORE POWER.

We’ve got a CLS-Class Merc with an E55 donor heart, the fi rst supercharged 3.8-liter Gen Coupe ever, an Evo X that’s being used as it should be, and probably the sexiest RX-7 we’ve ever featured.

In our extensive buyers guides, we touch on some of the hot new styles from some of our favorite lifestyle brands, before we launch into all the products you could need to boost or swap your car.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go figure out how to get this FR-S (is it an 86 now?) a little quicker. Enjoy the issue!