PASMAG #135 Feb / Mar 2016

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We’re back from Las Vegas and after nursing our aching feet (some of us hangovers) and sorting through the business cards we got at the trading card game that is the SEMA Show, we’ve got some great stuff for you and some exciting news.

Let’s do the news first. We have our 2015 Tuner Battlegrounds Champion: Benji Tran and his Acura TSX! A huge congratulations goes out to both competitors for making it to SEMA this year for the championship. Another winner from Winnpeg, Manitoba? What’s going on over there?

Bolstering Tran’s feature are the likes of Rick Fontan’s supercharged and widebodied BMW M3, Yoshi Nebril’s “Project Kaiju” Scion FR-S and up and comer Alec Hohnadell’s S14 drift missle. Not bad, eh?

We also got Garry Springgay away from his test bench, Jacob Leveton away from the track and Adam Zillin to hold still long enough to crank out some columns for us. Zillin asks where all the racers are, Jacob covers the FD end of season awards and Garry tackles the fabled question: do CDs sound better than vinyl?

Oh yeah… that SEMA thing. We have some killer images from our small army of photographers that we unleashed on the show floor and beyond. From the pre-opening media day to Ignited, it’s all here. Also, someone thought it was a good idea for me to hand out product awards, as I was one of the Canadian Global Media Awards judges. Check out my 10 products that I thought stuck out from the rest and what my thoughts were while picking them.

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You’re all very handsome.

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