PASMAG #138 Aug / Sept 2016

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"Euro in" For a Treat!

I'd just like to start off by profusely apologizing for that title pun. I have this problem where I think I’m hilarious.

Anyway… Welcome to PASMAG’s August/September issue, which we’ve added a nice Euro twist to. It’s that time of the year when the largest Euro shows are coming out strong, so we figured we’d do the same.

Our front-running columnists kick off the issue. Take a tour of the infamous Japanese auctions with Mr. Zillin, have Garry Springgay tell you whether you really need all that DSP in your sound system, follow the Instagram famous (he told us to put that) Rob Kochis as he turns his show-goer into an actual goer, and get filled in by drift master Leveton about one of the guys on the FD grid with the biggest heart - Jones Jones. That’s just the beginning! In our Trending section, you’ll find new Euro-themed updates and product guides, a mini-feature on one of our new additions’ Audi A3, and you might even spot yourself in our Spotted event coverage. Our featured event for this issue is Fitted 2016 in its seventh year of operation. Take notes, because these guys are pushing the envelope when it comes to aggressive fitment. You’ll also catch our latest batch of #TBGLIVE Winners further into the issue.

Somehow, Garry Springgay also has time to do reviews for us every issue. We’re convinced he’s got a clone, or at least a robot assistant. This time, he takes a look at the Memphis MOJO 6 woofer and the Sony MEX-M100BT marine head unit.

Our feature roster is pretty impressive, if we do say so ourselves. Taking the cover spot is Don Santora’s wide Mk5 GTI. The addition of the GT wing and some other fresh updates to what was already a stellar car made that decision a no-brainer. Those images you’ve seen of him parked up on the train tracks pretty much sealed the deal. Santora’s feature is bolstered by the outstanding Sarto Racing widebody CLK55 AMG from Roland Gotingco, and Chelsea DeNofa’s drift beast E46 Bimmer. Check out the stories from these very passionate owners and builders.

We’ll wrap it up with an August/September event listing so you don’t miss out, as well as another installment of Spot the Differences. Play along and win some gear from us!

Thanks so much for picking us up! We hope you enjoy the issue. Euro so awesome (I’m so sorry). Get in touch with me through if you want to show me something, or tell me off for my Euro puns. Enjoy!