PASMAG Aug/ Sept 2014

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Welcome, welcome, welcome.

Thank you, our loyal PASMAG readers, for joining us deep into the season for yet another issue chock full of amazing content. In this issue, we go big. And not just pretty big. We’re talking huge. For this, our August/September issue, we’re featuring some of the biggest cars, installs and personalities the tuning world has ever seen!

So, where to begin? For starters, our industry insider Adam Zillin tackles the latest tuning trends from his home base in Japan, and Garry Springgay follows that up with his award-winning audio advice – pertinent info for anyone interested in sound – whether you’re a beginner or pro. Jacob Leveton is also back as our regular Drift Insider.

Our Trending section takes a look at the hottest social media topics and event coverage, including our featured event, Autocon L.A. – the site where incredible builders, innovative vendors and beautiful people get together to showcase the best the industry has to offer.

Want to get there but aren’t quite sure where to start? In the second installment of our OEM Tuning Platform, we feature the 2015 Subaru WRX and look at what’s possible with one of the tuning scene’s most successful cars of all time. ‘Nuff said.

Or, perhaps you want to get down and dirty with an install. Well, why not take a lesson from the best of the best? We’ll take you through a custom Wilwood Engineering brake install on a super-fast LS-powered RX-7 time attack car, and find out just how many precious seconds can be shaved off a lap as a result. We’ll have tips and pointers necessary to make your custom install as easy as taking candy from a baby. Not that we’d know how easy that is, of course...

In Cabe’s Corner, Mr. Sipes will break down the importance of electrical systems. His latest project car – a 2005 300C – is getting overhauled with a fully motorized audio install and a supporting cast of parts and accessories from PASMAG supporters. Phase two of Project Ground Pounder will show the door panels, speakers and sub enclosures getting made step-by-step as George Dimitriadis goes through his Mount Everest of a build that is his Hummer H2.

We have the scoop on Apple’s CarPlay – the latest technology that promises to change the way we interact with our cars – while Springgay has been chained to his test bench lately to bring you some real tested numbers in our six car audio test report previews. Audio(pro)philes is back and will look at some up and coming talent in the car audio competition world. And that’s not even all of it

In Tuner Tribe (cue the new Instagram account in 3, 2, 1...), we look at what China is doing in the industry. There are some seriously big things coming out of the East, and with a projected 120 million vehicles on the road by 2020, it’s definitely worth taking notice. This PASMAG exclusive feature will look at some of the more interesting attractions we came across during our recent trip to Beijing.

Our Legends series also continues; this time we’re going inside the innovative mind of not one, but two partners in crime: Jim Liaw and Ryan Sage of Formula DRIFT. When it comes to motorsports, they are the modern inventors of sliced bread, and that bread is continuously being baked into plenty of other motorsports deliciousness here and abroad.

We said this is a big issue, and while it’s already big enough, bigger is ALWAYS better. So we’ve included 2013 Tuner Battlegrounds finalist Frank Daniel’s freshly-rebuilt Chevrolet Camaro SS, Kyle Mohan’s WDS LS-powered RX-7 and a few more exclusive features you won’t want to miss.

By now, we expect that you’re flipping through the pages to get caught up. If not, we apologize for keeping you for so long. But thanks for getting this far! Enjoy!