PASMAG June / July 2014

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After what seemed like an eternity, summer is finally here. With the salt and rust of winter behind us, show and shine season is geared up and ready to go into full swing. Maybe you just took your ride out of storage. Maybe you’re installing new parts. Maybe you’re just not really feeling it yet. If you are still a little freezer burnt and not feeling the warmth, allow us to bring the heat.

As always, we highlight the latest and hottest products in the industry as of late, so make sure you take note so you can make an impact at the all the meets. Still looking for a little inspiration? Sign in to our trending section where we take the hassle out of picking through the show albums and just give you what’s the latest and greatest. We have a spotlight on the 2014 Spring Break Nationals and Import Face-Off so you audiophiles and import nuts can judge for yourself or see what you’re missing out on.

Our group of expert columnists make a triumphant return and let you know what’s what in the industry and community. How do I go about tackling motorization in my builds? I only have so much space for my audio project: what do I do? Do I still tune for myself? If any of these questions are keeping you up at night, consider them more than answered. PASMAG is super excited to be chronicling the extensive “Ground Pounder” Hummer H2 audio build. Duck and cover because this thing will literally simulate earthquakes.

This time around, our Legends series will focus on Moto Miwa, the founder of Club 4AG. Most of you who drive a modified Toyota are probably jumping for joy right now. If you don’t know about Miwa and 4AG, you better get yourself in on the club. All you gear heads, especially Toyota enthusiasts, prepare to dig yourself into a revealing interview with one of the forefathers of car tuning. Be prepared to learn a thing or two.

When choosing our feature vehicles for this issue, we must have had a lot of cash and no compromise on the mind because these cars are downright nuts. We kick things off with Tyler Pflanz’s 1000+ Toyota Supra. Tyler is a fairly well-known name in the scene these days and rightfully so. He made a huge splash at our Tuner Battlegrounds last year with his fire breathing A80. We’ve also got Mark _______’s Mitsubishi EVO 8, which should deliver its message with looks alone. When an enthusiast gets their hands on their dream car, there is absolutely zero compromise and this is shown through and through on this build. The crazy guys over at 360 Fabrication have obviously been on a marathon of mafia movies because their newest creation, dubbed “H8R”, is what gangster dreams are made of. Snazzy ride? Check. Brass knuckles? Check. Post-job booze. Check. On the competition side of things, we take a look at Kyle Mohan’s RX-8 Formula DRIFT build. Swapping in an LS1 for a Wankel is a sin to some, but you’re going to want to check it out regardless.

If all that didn’t get you hot under the collar, I don’t know what will. So, take your car out of storage and put your blower and shovels in instead. Stick on some oven mitts, crack open some PAS, and get excited for summer. We know we are. See you at the shows.