PASMAG Aug / Sept 2013

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Old School Special issue hits newsstands

When deciding on a cover car for the Old School Special, there was little doubt we wanted to feature the gorgeously preserved Fatlace 1972 Nissan Skyline GT2000

Dating back to the 1970s, the Skyline brand has long been one of the winningest names in motorsports. Because US law limits the importing of any car newer than 25 years into the country (compared to 15 years in Canada), it's rare to see a Skyline on the streets. It's rare to find an enthusiast who is interested in spending big money to bring an old car over that is loud, slow and likely rough around the edges with more headaches than heroics. However, the work Mark Arcenal has put into his 1972 Skyline GT2000 makes its appearance on the cover well-deserved. Being sure to avoid unnecessary modern modifications. Arcenal says the fully-original interior is not worth swapping for any modern amenities. "The awesome thing about old cars in general is the smell of 'old,'" he says. "You simply don't get that anymore. Well I don't know if the smell is really cool, but it's definitely distinct!"

In addition to the Hakosuka, we cover some other worthy classics, including a ridiculous 1970s Datsun 240Z, an orange Corolla Levin, and a sibling pair of AE86s. Yes please.