PASMAG #136 Apr / May 2016

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What is a "Tuner?"

"Tuner” is a word that’s used quite a bit in the scene and industry. It’s used to describe a small batch of enthusiasts, namely the ones in the Japanese sport compact niche. The word “tuner” brings back memories of The Fast and the Furious and bad exhausts and gaudy body kits. We at PASMAG feel that today, the term is misused.

"Tuner" shouldn't just apply to one small part of this automotive lifestyle; we feel it should be akin to anyone fiddling with their vehicles. Why segment ourselves? We all like the same stuff, it just happens to be on a different chassis or under a different badge. “Tuner” should be broad, so we’re reclaiming the term.

We’re calling this issue the “Tuner Handbook” because it’s filled with some base knowledge that will be useful to today’s modern tuner, wherever your interests may lie. Whether you just want to keep up on the current trends, get into car audio competition, get sponsored or start your own business, it’s all in here – tips from people who have been there, done that and been successful.

Even our features have a grassroots element to them. Alex Ching’s Odyvia (the beauty on the cover) was built almost exclusively in his backyard. Even 2015 Tuner Battlegrounds: Championship runner-up Brian McCann’s insane 350Z was built by him in his garage with some handmade parts he fabricated.

Whether you’re high or low; truck or car; performance-,technology- or style-inclined, we’re all tuners. We daydream about our builds, show up to the events, turn our own wrenches, have our favorite spots to meet and absolutely love every minute of it. The only thing that separates us is what we drive, and when you really think about it, that’s not that big of a difference all things considered.

Stay busy. Stay passionate. Stay tuning.