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Buckle up, enthusiasts, because the latest edition of PASMAG's annual Style Guide magazine is here, and it's bringing a thunderstorm of style and performance!

Our cover story dives into the mesmerizing world of Austin Barnett, who's taken cues from the iconic Mid-Night racing era to craft a Porsche 930 that's as sleek as it is savage. Every line, every curve - a testament to Barnett's unwavering dedication to automotive artistry. But that's not all. We also take a ride with Jimmy Tu and his jaw-dropping R35 GT-R, a machine that redefines show-stopping presence with its meticulously curated blend of power and panache, and a true one-of-one build ethos.

For those looking to infuse their own rides with a touch of magic, we've got you covered. Our Buyer's Guides span the gamut with everything from Exterior enhancements to your Engine Bay and Interior. Seeking to illuminate the night or add some light-up flair? Our Lighting guide has some great options. Eager to dial in the perfect stance? The Suspension segment is your roadmap to lowering your ride to perfection, be it static or on air. And don't forget the finishing touches - perhaps some of the most important - Wheels and Accessories that will elevate your ride from good to glorious.

Even with all of that, there’s more. We've got an exclusive backstage pass to some of the most thrilling Unboxing and Install segments from PASMAG's Tuning365 TV show, many of them style-related. Witness the transformation of some of our own PASMAG project vehicles thanks to the latest and greatest products, and get ready to turn your garage into a sanctuary of style and speed. All of this is nestled within our trademark PASMAG content, delivering the latest trends, product reviews, and exclusive insights from the industry's most brilliant minds.

Gear up and get ready to embark on a journey through the intersection of passion and precision, where every page of the PASMAG Style Guide 2023 is an invitation to make a statement on the asphalt. As always, thanks for reading, and enjoy!

Adam Gordon

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Adam Gordon