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THE ANNUAL PASMAG PERFORMANCE BUYER’S GUIDE SPECIAL IS BACK! Whether you’re looking to accelerate faster, stop sooner, grip harder, or just make sure your car can handle any added power, the PASMAG Performance Buyer’s Guide has you covered. Thanks to the industry’s top aftermarket brands, we’re able to showcase the latest and greatest in performance aftermarket modifications for a wide variety of popular platforms. We cover everything from modern muscle, to classic tuner, and even performance EVs! We also took a look at some of the most popular PAS365 Shop Tours centered around performance modifications, as well as some of our favorite performance-oriented feature builds from the past 365 days. We’ll include links in the form of QR codes for each of those, so you can watch the full videos on our channels! These, of course, are also surrounded by a sprinkling of your usual PASMAG content from front to back.

As always, thanks for picking up the latest PASMAG print issue. We’re glad you enjoy reading these as much as we enjoy writing and assembling them. We hope this buyer’s guide helps you achieve the performance goals you have in mind!

Adam Gordon

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Adam Gordon