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What is it about a full size sedan that can light up the rear tires with ease that's so exciting? In this issue, we set out to answer that question.

As Lexus sedans have skyrocketed in popularity among enthusiasts, the results of tinkering with them have steadily improved over the years. Now, as you’ll see in the case of a very special GS300 build, the aftermarket options for the platforms have given them new life as formidable motorsports options. Especially popular in drifting, as the GS300s are, sedans with turbocharged inline-six engines have become revered among their audiences and drivers.

In these pages we’ll take a closer look at Eric Chob’s GS300 of Team ProceeD - a big body Lexus that can get down in style. You’ll also be treated to a closer look at Ricky Hofmann’s 2JZ-powered S14 240sx drift car, Martin Cabrera's IS300 Sportcross SEMA build, as well as a variety of coverage from PASMAG’s Tuning 365 Tour at a handful of Formula DRIFT stops. We also dive into a Legends piece about Paul Tolson - one of the OGs of modifying big Lexus builds.

Of course, this is all mixed in with our usual array of PASMAG content such as the latest and greatest new products, Tuner Battlegrounds winners, educational pieces from our partners in the industry, and so much more!

As always, thanks for taking the time to pick up PASMAG wherever you are. We just hope we don’t drive up the prices of cool RWD sedans any further!

Sailun Motorsports
ISC Suspension
Spot The Differences
Preferred Dealer: Mobile Toys Inc.
Preferred Dealer: United Speed Racing

Rachel Ellingsen (2008 Chevrolet Corvette)
Jason Brassard (2020 Toyota Supra)
Ken Chau (2003 Mitsubishi Evolution 8)
Maya Gann-Bociek (1987 Nissan Skyline HR31)
Mike LaCoste (2001 Lexus IS300)
Mark Leake (1990 Toyota Celica Alltrac GT-Four)

Tuner Battlegrounds Winners
AJ Velasco (2020 Tesla Model 3 Performance)

Event Coverage + Photo Galleries
Tuning 365 Tour @ Formula DRIFT St. Louis
Tuning 365 Tour @ Formula DRIFT Long Beach
PASMAG Lexus Enthusiast Tour

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