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Tuner Battlegrounds 8 Concludes. Season 9 Begins // Eight years. Can you believe it?

Nearly 100 competitors put themselves in the ring for the ultimate title over the course of 2020. Working with new challenges during a strange year, competitors faced new challenges this year, and had to get creative to fight their way up the ranks from the top 64 all the way to the final two spots. Typically, the finals would take place on the SEMA show floor, but this past year we had no SEMA to attend in person!

Despite those challenges, the two finalists Kaylee Crayton and Karisa Andersen rose to the occasion, marking our first ever all-female final battle. Making things even more interesting was the fact that both of them were competing in a 2013 Scion FR-S, each one modified in their own unique way. A big congratulations goes out to both of these ladies for a hard fought battle.

Of course, a Tuner Battlegrounds issue wouldn’t be complete without a closer look at many of the builds that climbed their way up to the Top 64 spots, so we’ve dedicated some pages to you guys as well! Sprinkled among our usual PAS content is a variety of Tuner Battlegrounds content that we hope you will all enjoy.

In some ways, this is one of our favorite issues every year because it’s all about YOU! Among all the fun stuff we do, Tuner Battlegrounds brings us the closest to our audience, and we love to see the passion that goes into each and every build that climbs the ranks. This issue is here to celebrate the passion and dedication of all competitors who entered the battlegrounds this past year, and all of the ones who paved the way before them.

As always, thanks for picking up this issue of PASMAG. Here’s to many more.

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