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European Invasion // It’s that time again! Every year, right around this time, we put out a PASMAG issue dedicated to the die-hard enthusiasts of Euro platforms. Volkswagens, BMWs, Audis, and so much more are all well represented here! We took the time to scout out some of the car scene’s craziest Euro builds, and we’re present-ing them to you.

Before we cross the ocean to European pastures, we’re presenting the next two PASMAG Reader’s Choice Awards to some camera-handy contributors. Favorite Photographer and Favorite Videographer awards are announced on the following pages. If you stumble upon any unfamiliar names, be sure to check out their stuff and see exactly why our audience loves them so much!

From there it’s head-first into European good stuff, starting with some builds to follow from around the world. All of these builders are working hard to set their platform apart from the est. We’ve also put together a Buyer’s Guide of the latest and greatest Euro platform products the aftermarket has to offer, so be ready to take notes! We also visit a bunch of world class events across North America that took place over the beautiful summer we had.

As always, we’ve got a handful of feature cars that will blow your mind. By now you’ve certainly taken notice of the widebody BMW 3.0 CSL clone on the cover, and we can assure you that this entire build is full of stories. We also have a closer look at a Volkswagen GTI unlike anything you’ve ever seen, featuring truly one-of-a-kind wheels, and two very special E36 M3s, each of them completely different from the other.

Of course, everything I just talked about is only a sample of what you’ll find within these pages we so carefully put together. Thanks for reading as always, and enjoy the remaining sum-mer months!

Adam Gordon