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Speaking of the weather being at its peak, so is show season! As such, we’ve packed some pretty major shows inside. Take a look at how it all went down at Fitted Lifestyle in Toronto, Eurokracy in Montreal, a Driven Show double-header in Edmonton and Vancouver, and Atlanta’s iteration of Tuner Evolution. After skimming through the award lists there, make sure to look into our own Tuner Battlegrounds Live winners, as we have three very deserving enthusiasts and builds featured there.

Onto some current events: if America is getting a Space Force, may we throw an idea into the ring on what the Force’s space ships should be modelled after? We’re talking about Dionne Mascunana’s space-age-looking Porsche Cayman on the front of the book. Outfitted in one of the least liked Pandem kits, Mascunana took it upon himself to develop the car into something completely his own vision. Turns out his vision is right on the money because this has got to be one of our most favorite looking cars - possibly ever.

Also featured is what we think is the ultimate E30 from PASMAG Euro issue alumni, CAtuned. BWM E30 four-door. ITB’d S54 engine. Six-speed manual gearbox. Built like a racecar. You’ll want to know all about this car, so make sure you dive in.

We also have a fitting tribute to the brake-less, not-engaging-nitrous-soon-enough-junior character from Fast & Furious: Jesse. When a hashtag among F&F fans, #BringBackJesse, took off on social media, Chad Lindberg, the actor who played Jesse, decided to team up with F&F tribute car builder, Dominic Dubreuil, to bring back the fan favorite car and character. Here, we have Jesse’s return, and all that went into it made for a great story.

This is a taste of the hint we’ve added to this issue, so dig on in and enjoy all the issue has to offer. Thanks for picking us up. Feel free to let us know how we’re doing at, and we’ll see you for the next one!

PASMAG #150 will be available Week 3 of August 2018.

Micky Slinger