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All That and a Side of Kimchi

Han: The red Evo is yours.
Sean: What do you mean?
Han: You’re representing me now. What do you think, I’m going to let you roll in a Hyundai?

If only Han knew… In the 12 years since The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift delivered that stinging line (it’s really been 12 years, let that sink in), KDM enthusiasts have carved out a chunk of the tuning scene all to themselves and have proceeded to even outdo some of the usual players rolling up to the meet, track, or show. In our minds, a book dedicated to the KDM guys is almost overdue at this point, so here is our way of sticking it to the Han. 

Further inside PASMAG’s KDM special, you’ll find two heavy-hitters: one from Hyundai and one from Kia. The Hyundai is the Genesis Coupe that takes up residence on our cover, and just like the club the car belongs to, this build is definitely Next Level. From the chassis-mount wing and rear seat delete, to the widebody and spot-on fitment, this build is one to look up to if you’re at all interested in tackling the versatile platform. The Kia is an Optima of another well-known team, Team Hybrid, and the owner has pushed the four-door to exude sportiness in looks, as well as performance. This is a car that checks all the boxes and leaves nothing untouched.

We also spoke to the wizards over at SXTH Element Engineering about their process of developing parts for KDM platforms. Essentially designing and producing OEM-plus performance enhancing parts via 3D scanning, it was a look into the way that aftermarket production could be handled in the future, no matter the platform.

We also tackle show coverage from standout events, and we even gave some KDM rides that are getting some serious trending traction their own section we’re calling “Builds to Follow.” As always, we’ve also spotlighted hot new products, KDM or otherwise, and some bits of news that mattered to us. KDM has gone from a running joke, to running near the front of the pack, with more than ever wanting to be caught rolling in a Hyundai. If you’re not convinced, we’re sure this mag will convert you.

Thanks for picking us up! Leave us some love at Hopefully we’ll hear from you soon. Enjoy!

PASMAG #149 will be available Week 4 of July 2018.

Micky Slinger