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Spring Tune-Up. The snow is gone now, right? I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like winter came and went about three times before spring decided to show up and punch it square in the face. Now that spring is here though, it brings with us the excitement of car show season! And if you live in a place where car show season never really “ends,” just know we’re all insanely jealous.

Let this issue of PASMAG serve as an even further warm-up to the season. This is the latest issue of PASMAG’s Tuner Handbook, which contains some of the basics to help you and your car get tuned up for spring. Here’s what we’re serving up:

First, we have a healthy dose of event coverage, which isn’t new to PAS, it’s our bread and butter, but this time we’re focusing on the award list. We’ve broken down each event by award category, and are focusing on images of the winners. Have you been chasing some hardware in a certain field, but can’t quite get there? Take a peek through here and see what your competition is running, or just to see what the 2018 event season is shaping up to be.

We’ve also dug up a hidden gem from our local community, Aidan Borges’ meticulously put-together Lexus IS300. A car that’s rarely sighted, and as a result has earned the car the nickname “Unicorn,” but when it does make an appearance, it becomes the center of attention. Make sure you get in on the myth-busting of this mythical creature.

There’s also a helpful spread on setting up a drift car, separated into tips for newbies, and then expanded on if you’re looking to advance on that advice. While you’ve got racing on the mind, we’ve also gathered up all the track listings and, if racing dBs is more your style, sanctioned competition audio events for North America. If you’re looking for where to start pushing your car to the limits, look no further!

Whether you know Blood Type Racing as a KDM tuning powerhouse or SEMA show car builder, chances are that you don’t know the humble beginnings of the firm. We get an exclusive with Sam Lee of BTR for this issue!

Our Tuner Battlegrounds #TGLIVE competition took us to two(2) Hot Import Nights events - Winter Haven, FL where Jason Neering and his 1992 Mazda RX-7 received Top Honors, while in Honolulu, HI Brian Calbero and his 2000 Mitsubishi Mirage received the crowd favorite award!

There’s much more than what I’ve just mentioned here, so get to flipping. Hopefully we’ll see something you’ve built at the shows or have it show up somewhere in our pages. Happy car season, everybody!

PASMAG #148 will be available Week 4 of May 2018.

Micky Slinger