PASMAG #147 Feb / Mar 2018

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We're back from yet another exciting and exhausting SEMA show, and boy do we have a bunch of cool stuff to show you. The show gave us our annual fill of inspiration and admiration, and we can't wait to pass some of it along to our readers in this issue. Before we dive into the big show, we have a handful of other events to show you from the past few months, including the ever-popular StanceWars: Houston, and the first-ever Hot Import Nights: Australia. In our usual fashion, we've also got two previous Tuner Battlegrounds #TBGLIVE winners to showcase, as well as a catalogue of some of the industry's latest and greatest products for all walks of enthusiast life.

From there it's head-first into SEMA 2017, starting with our coverage of the show. We broke it down into various sections of the show floor so you can tackle it one section at a time. We imagine it hurts your feet a lot less to roam the show from a comfortable chair rather than walking the halls for days. We'll also take a look at all the excitement from the Fifth Annual Tuner Battlegrounds Championship, which surprised even us in terms of its overall reach and engagement during the show. The people have spoken, and the champion has been crowned. Finally, we'll round off the SEMA content with our team's favorite cars, as well as our top 10 picks for the Global Media Awards for new products.

After SEMA, it's on to some cool tech, reviewed by our favorite audiophile, Garry Springgay, before we get into our feature vehicles. We know some of you are reading this for that Datsun 240Z on the cover, so brace yourself for some incredible build secrets in that masterpiece. The 240Z isn't the only Z car in this issue, either. Jason Gale's 370Z is a work of art we've been eyeing since SEMA 2016, and we finally got it to grace our pages. In addition to the two beautiful Zs, we get up close and personal with last year's Tuner Battlegrounds Championship runner-up, Eric Guerette and his incredible hand-built Subaru WRX.

Lastly, we take a look back on an entire editorial year with our annual Tuning 365, a month-by-month look at the last 365 days that we've miraculously managed to squeeze into this book.

As always, thanks for picking up PASMAG, and we hope you enjoy reading this issue as much as we enjoyed putting it together. Thanks for another amazing year!

PASMAG #147 will be available Q1 February 2018.

Adam Gordon
Associate Editor