PASMAG #144 Aug / Sept 2017

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"Leistung Auto und Ton" - That means Performance Auto and Sound in German, apparently – that’s what Google says. Anyway, welcome to PASMAG’s annual August/September issue that we always throw a Euro twist on, where you can expect the same awesomeness we deliver usually, with an extra injection of Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, BMW, and beyond. So, what are we serving up?

This time of the year is the busiest for shows, especially those that are Euro-centric, so we’ve snagged coverage from some of the key players, namely SoWo’s European Experience and Eurokracy Montreal. Alongside those big names are other staples in the season, like FITTED and Hot Import Nights. We’ve got so much event coverage, you’ll feel like you went!

Feature-wise, we’ve completely packed this book full of fantastic cars. Does the song Danger Zone play in your head when you look at the cover? It should. That is the 2002 that CAtuned built up to soar above the other builds at SEMA 2016, and it’s landed right on our front page. Made with enough tributes to aviation, we think it’s enough to make Goose and Maverick a little jealous.

Lined up just behind the BMW on the airstrip is Sam Dobbins’ GTIRS – a MK7 Golf GTI that’s been transformed beyond just a Pandem kit, suspension, and wheels. Read on to see what makes Dobbins’ car worthy of an “RS” moniker. We also have Andrew Vespoli’s Liberty Walk Audi S5, which has changed its clothes and shoes over the years more times than my girlfriend before we go out. The epitome of class with some more big plans we’re excited about – definitely check out the Woman in the Red Dress.

Clarion Builds also makes its triumphant return to PAS, with more of a refresh than a rebuild as they have in years past. This time around, their focus was a 1993 BMW 850ci. Remember how cool those were? Well, Clarion Builds will make you realize they still are with some new paint, a revised interior, some modernization, and a lot of TLC.

There’s even more to dig into in this issue, so I won’t hold you up any longer. Enjoy your stay with us, and let us know what you’d like to see in future issues at  Auf Wiedersehen!

Available in August 2017.

Micky Slinger