PASMAG #143 June / July 2017

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Would you know what I was talking about if I mentioned that “Justification for a higher education” poster? I had one on my wall as a kid. It pictured a five-car garage that housed a Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Corvette, and a convertible BMW, from left to right, and had this half painted, half Photoshopped background of a humongous beach house on a cliffside, overlooking the sea at sunset. You know the one I’m talking about?

I made it my dream to go through school, get into post-secondary, and graduate with a high-paying job that would allow me to own at least one of those cars. Unfortunately, I chose to focus on journalistic writing, so I get to write about them, while my dropout friends cruise around in Maseratis. Oh, the irony.

Hear me out though – I think that’s what makes us all so drawn to supercars and exotics, no matter our age, or if we got the own them or not. As budding car enthusiasts, we all had the posters on our bedroom walls, which soon evolved into desktop wallpapers of these cars we would give a lung to own one day. We took that spirit of supercar adoration, and injected it into this issue, which has been highly requested by you guys.

Whether it’s by the Audi R8 that’s built with Audisport LMS parts, just like the racecar, or the 700-wheel-horsepower Liberty Walk Gallardo, or even the coverage of the Snowball Rally, where supercar owners take their cars from Cali to Colorado and play in the snow, or anything else in the issue, we hope we hit that aspirational spot to make you feel like W a kid again. As always, our usual unwavering event coverage, spotlight on the latest and greatest products, TBGLIVE winner features, and thoughtful pieces by our columnists are all still here as well.

Side note: We also got a few complaints about the Spot the Differences difficulty (the last few were a little too hard, weren’t they?), so we’ve made this issue’s a little more bearable. Thanks for the feedback!

Enjoy the issue! In the meantime, I’ll be trying to convince the guy at the cars & coffee meet to let me drive his McLaren.

Available in June 2017.

Micky Slinger