PASMAG #141 Feb / Mar 2017

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Did 2016 SEMA long to you?

Just one last terrible pun to start off the year right! Let me have this one, guys (also, I make no promises about that being my last pun).

Enough about my terrible sense of humor though, let’s get to business here: you flipped open this issue for one of a few reasons, which I will now dissect with surgical precision.

One: You saw an FR-S with a Ferrari engine on the cover, you did a double- and/or triple-take, your brain short circuited a little, and you just had to know what this madness was all about.

Two: You saw an FR-S with a Ferrari engine on the cover, recognized it as Ryan Tuerck’s newest sideways sensation, the GT4586, and just wanted to know more about the process of how that beast came to be. We’ve got you more than covered there.

Three: Your eyes were drawn to Kyle Mohan’s drift MX-5, and once you saw the words “three-rotor,” you were overcome with an insatiable need for Doritos. After crushing some Cool Ranch, you (wiped off your fingers first, hopefully) cracked open the issue to see how Mohan put together this little monster.

Four: You saw the word “SEMA” and just had to dig in to see if we had covered something you missed from North America’s largest trade show. We ran around the Las Vegas Convention Center to deliver those goods to you. We have the insoles in our shoes to prove it. If you’re looking for the best builds and products unveiled at the big show, you’re holding the right bunch of paper.

Five: You’re a complete audiophile and reading Garry Springgay’s reviews have become a ritual of sorts for you. Your life is no longer complete without knowing exactly which tracks Garry has used to unveil the strengths and weaknesses in today’s modern audio systems. Here we have component speakers from JL and Morel, which are some of the best Garry has tested in recent memory.

Six: You’re my mom and you support me in everything I do.

No matter who you are (hi, mom!), we’ve got the everything you’re looking for, plus some more you didn’t know you wanted. Happy New Year! And if this is your first time with us, we hope you’ll join us for what we think will be our best year yet. Thanks for picking us up, and welcome! #pasmag

Available on newsstands Q4 January 2017!

Micky Slinger
PASMAG Editor|