PASMAG #133 Oct / Nov 2015

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We are the Champions! If you couldn’t tell from the cover, we’re pretty excited about Anthony De Guzman and his one-of-a-kind Supra finally getting their cover. He’s the champ after all. Beating out all other competitors, he’s joins the ranks of Salik Zaki and his Scion xA from last year’s Tuner Battlegrounds Championship competition. Anthony isn’t the only one who’s eyed or eyeing a championship title in this issue, though. Our Formula Drift feature is Odi Bakchis’s Nissan S14, which is currently propelling him to the leader of the points board. Kendall White and his FR-S named “Stay Minty” by his fans is cleaning up at any and every show it stops at in and around the country within a country, Texas. See what went into making the seafoam green 86 the freshest out there. We also have four Tuner Battlegrounds hopefuls in this issue. Each of them won the #TBGLIVE competition at their respective shows and earned themselves a print feature, too. Will they chase the championship spot at SEMA in Las Vegas?

Our in-house champ, Garry Springgay has been working like he’s competing as well. See some readers get their questions answered by the man himself in his Sound Advice Q&A session. If you’ve been holding out for your Project C6 fix, Garry has you covered. In this installment, he takes us through the wiring of his safety systems, as well as the construction of his woofer box.

Not enough Springgay? He’s also been busy testing the latest and greatest audio products. A DSP-equipped amplifier and a summing device to mesh with your complicated OEM audio systems are on the menu this time around.

Our trending section is bringing you the latest in the lifestyle, so make sure you get your fill there. We enlisted Rick Di Corpo to cover Waterfest 21, who brings us up to speed on what’s going on in Quebec with the Hellaflush law, and what’s being done to fight back.

A quick, corrective note for our Japan Special issue. The article “How to Import a JDM Vehicle” incorrectly stated that Jeff Peabody imported and registered the Skyline R32. In fact, it was Kyle Erspamer who imported the vehicles along with author Ashley Barone. Mr. Peabody took the photo of the Skyline.

Alas, thanks for picking us up and enjoy the issue! Be sure to let us know what you’re working on at, we always love to see what you guys are up to. Who knows, maybe you could be competing in Las Vegas next year!