PASMAG Oct / Nov 2014

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Hey Good Looking

Hey, welcome back! You look great! Hair cut? Been working out?

PASMAG is back at it again and we look great as well (as usual). As a good looking person yourself, you know it takes a lot more than staring at yourself in the mirror and trying to get the perfect angle for your selfie to get people to notice you. That’s what we aimed for with this issue, we wanted to be a showstopper. What better way to be one, than to fill our pages with rides that leave people rubber-necking?

We start things off with industry insider, Adam Zillin asking the hard questions. His column on why Formula Drift in Japan is just too much saturation in the scene is well worth the read. Our resident audiophile, Gary Springgay has been busy testing the latest to protect your ride and your wallet, but he also ticks down all the improvements that have been made in car stereos since the birth of the CD. Cabe Sipes also weighs in on the audio side, by teaching you about different audio formats and how best to listen to them in your car. Are you into FD, but just can’t wrap your head around Pro 2? Jacob Leveton, the drift doctor, fills you in and tells you just who you should be keeping your eye on. Also, be on the lookout for Jacob’s feature on the newest, most radical car in the FD series; Dai Yoshihara’s 7.0L LSX Subaru BRZ.

Our Trending section has more of the latest news than you can shake a hashtag at. KDM Stance’s own Merf Feliciano tells us about the birth of the KDM scene in North America. KDM fans, stay tuned for later in the issue when we highlight what can be done with Kia’s new Forte platform. If you want to know what the next big thing is, we’ve scoped out the best of the best from Offset Kings, Eurokracy, SPOCOM, and more in the Spotter’s Guide and scoured social media for what is truly trending. The featured event is Waterfest in its 20th anniversary, so prepare for the Euro invasion on a grand scale. As always, we have the latest and greatest products in out Buyers Guides to help make your next mod decision a little easier.

Did you catch that cover shot? Nice caboose, eh? That flawless R35 belongs to JJ Dubeck, who snagged the second LB Performance kit in Canada and has the most impressive audio installs we’ve seen in awhile. Keeping up the tempo, our fourth place competitor from last year’s Tuner Battlegrounds, Frank Daniels, gets his time to shine with his rebooted Camaro SS.

Kenny Tran is the owner of Jotech Motorsports, a renowned tuner, and the latest subject of PASMAG’s ongoing Legends series. Take a peek behind the scenes and learn about the magic that goes on at the monster making factory that is Jotech. Tran’s personal GT-R - donning the Stage 6-S performance package - even gets its own feature spot. Two R35s in one issue? Oh yeah we did.

Ken Gushi also makes an appearance this issue to take a look at turbo-charging the Scion FR-S. Gushi wanted some extra power on his own ride and GReddy just happened to have the answer. Follow him, step-by-step, as he and the team at GReddy install their Tuner Turbo kit.

Sounding good, looking good – we’re going all out here at PASMAG. So, take a break from the selfies, look at something without a filter on it (#nofilter), and take in the best that the tuning world has to offer this month. Thanks for picking us up and we hope you enjoy. Indulge a little, we’re gluten-free.