PASMAG #132 Aug / Sept 2015

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Das Gut Ya?

Hallo! Guten tag! We interrupt your usual issue of PASMAG with this special European twist edition. Everything you love about Performance Auto & Sound Magazine is still intact, don’t you worry. We just gathered some killer content from Bavaria and beyond to show our Euro fanbase some love.

For instance, our Trending section kicks off with some amazing coverage of Wörthersee – the largest Volkswagen and Audi show in Europe, 34 years running. We also analyze the trends kicking around the Euro scene, and even have a couple pages packed with Euro-themed goodies for you and your ride.

Feature-wise, we’re running a pretty strong line-up. Reinart Design and Brixton Forged have teamed up to build the R8 of everyone’s dreams. This stylish widebody has been the background on my desktop for a while now. We also dug up a pair of probably the rarest V-Dubs on the face of the planet. A Corrado wagon? What?! There’s even something I’ve been chasing since I saw it unveiled at CES, which is the Clarion Builds BMW 2002. Check out the half feature, half tech article on how this modernized classic came together for a great cause.

We’ve got you covered in the Competition section, too. Tanner Foust riled up Formula Drift fans by announcing his return, in a monster Passat no less! Our Sensei of Drift, Jacob Leveton, got some alone time with the car, and made his way through it behind the lens and the keyboard. Look for that and his scoop on the FD field following the third round in sunny Florida.

And of course, Garry Springgay, our audio workhorse, has been pumping out the reviews. Looking for a new amplifier or source unit for your Golf? Check out AudioControl’s triumphant return to the amplifier market with its Epicenter 1200 amp and Axxera’s clever head unit, which has got everything and the kitchen sink in it.

Thanks for snagging a copy and enjoy your European holiday. Whether you enjoyed your stay, or would rather write a seething Yelp review, let us know at We always love to hear from you.

Auf wiedersehen!