PASMAG #131 June / July 2015

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Doing It Differently

What you want to do to your car isn’t always going to be popular opinion. There’s a certain social stigma, no matter what make or model your car is, that some enthusiasts feel they have to follow in order to fit in or be popular. But, at that point, who are you really building your car for – yourself or them?

This issue of PASMAG features some cars and people that are risk takers, but they’re reeling in the fruits of their labor as they’re all dominating their respective departments. They set aside what some people have said or done and just built what they wanted. There aren’t any followers in these pages, these are sources of inspiration.

Our man in Japan, Adam Zillin, returns with part two of his in-depth series behind the infamous Midnight Club. Catch up with a real pioneer of building outstanding cars, Naohisa Tazawa. Member of the prestigious RH9 and founder of Garage G-Force in Japan, learn about Tazawa’s roots and what he’s working on today.

Somehow, our technical editor Garry Spriggay had time to write his usual Sound Advice column, do another instalment of his Corvette C6 audio build and test some awesome products. Learn about some myths being passed around by “Internet experts” about wiring subs in series, see the C6 get some Dynamat lovin’ and see if the Kicker IQ amplifier or AudioPipe Q-12 subwoofer are good for your system.

Of course, you’ve noticed the sinister winged beast that takes up our cover. This “Street Shark” belongs to Daniel Covarrubias, or some of you may know him better by the handle “Killagram.” The young start-up tells us how he came went from #FINANCIALMISTAKE to turning the big wing and Rocket Bunny games on their heads. This guy is a trailblazer for sure.

We also have the ultimate ode to Paul Walker we’ve ever seen. Phatt Audio’s R34 is packing some serious sonic heat, as well as some touching nods to Paul and the FF franchise. This R34 is actually the talked-down GT-T. We bet you didn’t know that all but one of the “GT-Rs” used in Fast & Furious were actually kitted-out GT-Ts. That makes this car even more legit.

Our Tuner Battlegrounds competition came to a close in November in Las Vegas last year, but the Tuner Battlegrounds LIVE events carried on past the date with all winners of the individual events being granted a spotlight on their ride in the magazine. Eight winners from over the past year are jammed in these pages so that you can see who’s pulling in the show medals out there.

So tear through the pages and gain some inspiration. Get out there and do something different! Keep us up to date on your builds at Maybe you’ll be the next to inspire.