PASMAG #129 Feb / Mar 2015

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Are you Ready to Rock?

We sure hope so, because we’ve been riding a wave of awesome since SEMA, and it’s about to come crashing onto the shores with this issue. In all seriousness, we haven’t had two vehicles with such esteemed reputations don the cover of PASMAG like this in a while, and it’s truly thanks to the camps of Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Mr. Ken Block for helping us so generously along the way.

As you can tell, Mustangs are all the rage these days (or “All the Rad,” as the RTR (Ready to Rock) folk would say), and we couldn’t think of a tribute more fitting for Ford’s storied pony car than having the Mustang RTR Spec 5 Concept and Hoonicorn RTR grace our pages. It also doesn’t hurt that they were the biggest deals to break the Internet since Black Friday (and perhaps, Kim Kardashian, depending on who you speak to).

We were lucky enough to get up close and very personal with JR’s Spec 5 Concept at the SEMA show, and while it’ll burn holes in your retinas, it’s a Concept that’s built to test out the latest RTR parts to fit onto a Mustang of your own. Having driven the new 2015, if you’re looking for a new ride, it’s definitely worth checking out; either in V8, V6 or turbocharged inline-four spec. Or perhaps you should look into the Mustang RTR Spec 2; modeled after the Spec 5 and available at select dealers worldwide.

We also take a completely different look at the Hoonicorn RTR that Ken Block thrashed around L.A. in Gymkhana 7, talking to the people behind the build and asking the questions that are on everyone’s minds. Why AWD? How is that even possible? What does that fancy gold Hoonigan handbrake actually do? You’ll be surprised at what went into it. The exterior is deadly, but what’s underneath is so much more.

Following that up is a massive amount of our favorite SEMA highlights, complemented by the second-annual Tuner Battlegrounds: Battle for SEMA, which featured a pristine carbon fiber 370Z and a classic ’93 Supra in a U.S. vs. Canada head-to-head battle that went down to the wire.

The bodywork of Liberty Walk, RWB and Rocket Bunny took over the SEMA floor, but here, we look at another widebody builder that still has that old-school flare, featuring the flawless work of the Weld FR-S.

On the drift front, Formula Drift held their annual awards banquet, and we look at what happened behind the closed doors of the event that closed out an incredible 2014 season. Kenny Moen’s S14.5 is one beast that we wanted to get more info on, so this Frankenstein gets the feature treatment courtesy of the human Encyclopedia Driftannica, Jacob Leveton.

What would an issue of PASMAG be without some tasteful audio reviews? Well, Garry Springgay tackles four new products, and he answers reader’s questions on amps and what it takes to become an audio tester/engineer. From personal experience, it’s an extremely cool gig that’s very rewarding. His advice is invaluable as always, and if you ever have a pointed question for him or any of our staff, feel free to email us at

Thanks again for picking us up, remember to treat your valentine, and enjoy the read.