PASMAG #130 April / May 2015

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We're Furious! Are you?

Welcome back to what has shaped up to be a fairly Japan-heavy issue of PASMAG. I mean, we’re good with that. Are you good with that? Great.

Right away, we have the latest and greatest from the land of the rising sun. Adam Zillin ran around the Tokyo Auto Salon snapping some great photos and provides some insight into where the industry may be going. Zillin also sat down with members of the RH9 group, who happen to be the founding members of a little thing called Mid Night Club. There are some really interesting tidbits in there for just about anyone who’s interested in how things got rolling.

The latest trends from Tokyo and North America are covered in our “Trending” section. The skinny behind KUHL Racing’s engraved GT-R and Ford’s new Focus RS are here, along with some great shots from Garrett’s Boost Fest and Wekfest Hawaii. There’s even a rundown of the champs from IFO this past year, and our Hot New Products pages are filled with the best. Get filled in.

Are you looking forward to Furious 7? Of course you are! Why did we even ask? We take a look towards the movie, but also a look back at the rest of the franchise. The actors all took turns answering questions like: “Which car was your favorite of the series?” or “What was your favorite moment on set?” It’s all here.

On the mobile electronics side of the ledger, we have another exciting installment of Project C6 with from Garry Springgay sharing his detailed plans for the audio system and providing valuable planning insight to both newbies and pros. Cabe Sipes does the right thing in “Cabe’s Corner” and admits when he’s wrong. Follow Cabe through a botched build that made a client unhappy, and how he made everything right and kept his integrity. That’s very valuable stuff right there!

The reason you’re picking this magazine up and flipping it open is because of that awesome cover car, let’s be honest. The Black Hammer GT-R – or #BLKHAMR as it’s known on the web – totes one of North America’s first Rocket Bunny kits for the Nissan R35, as well as a lot of blood sweat and tears. There was some struggle to get here, but looking at the car we can say it’s definitely worth it.

There is another Skyline in this issue of PASMAG too, and it’s the Kenmeri that belongs to Liberty Walk’s Wataru Kato. Done up with traditional stylings taken to the extreme, we can guarantee you will never see another Skyline that looks like this one.

A VIP Lexus GS300 also takes up residence here. Built up with only the best and most trusted parts, it’s not hard to love this car. The hidden touches under the hood and in the trunk are definite bonuses and really bring home that JDM VIP feel.

If you haven’t started flipping madly through the pages already, we commend you; you have strong willpower. As always, let us know your thoughts on our social feeds (@PASMAG and or at Thanks for picking us up. We know you’ll enjoy your stay.