Ignition Winter Road Escapes 2017 (#3)

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Don’t Fear the Cold – Embrace It!

Winter driving is something that many people dread. As the salt trucks start rolling, many of us grimace and think longingly of summer. However, there is much to be said for exploring during the winter. Winter destinations include many seasonal offerings, such as ski resorts and winter festivals. With everything from ice slides to markets to tubing hills, our Destinations list (pages 32-43) will have you mapping your escape route. Of course, before you get going you should do some serious car preparation and maintenance. Our experts have tips and tricks that will increase your safety and help inspire confidence (see pages 12-19). Finally, if you are driving south and escaping our winter weather, check out our road trips to Orlando and Hilton Head. Whatever your winter road adventure, we hope your travels are both safe and inspiring.