Ignition 2017-2018 New Vehicle Buyer's Guide

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Last year we embarked on a rather ambitious project to expand our annual Ignition new vehicle buyer’s guide into something much greater than what we had done before.
Instead of just covering the luxury and performance segments, as in our previous buyer’s guides, we expanded its reach to include vehicles from across all categories.
Our goal was to create a new car buying tool that would be relevant to anyone shopping for a new car in Canada.
Packed with information covering all aspects of buying a car, from insurance advice and tips from the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) to the top-rated safety picks from the respected Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) in the U.S., and fuel consumption and emissions data from Natural Resources Canada, we aimed to arm new car shoppers with as much information about the process as possible.
And then there are the listings – individual descriptions for every light duty new vehicle on the market. All told, we jammed more than 330 individual entries into the guide.
It was a lot of work, but we did our best to put out an accurate, relevant, insightful and informative guide that we hoped would resonate with the new car shopping public.
And it did – big time.
By the time it was all said and done, the 2016-2017 guide was the best-selling new car guide in Canada on newsstand in 2016. The success we enjoyed last year has only served to encourage us to try to do even better with the 2017-2018 edition.
And because we’re firm believers in not fixing what isn’t broken, much of what you will see in the following pages is similar in structure and content to what we delivered in last year’s guide.
Obviously, a great deal of updating has taken place for each vehicle entry, as well as the market information we’re including in the front of the book section.
We’ve renewed our partnerships from last year with Natural Resources Canada and Canadian Black Book. Both organizations have valuable insights regarding the car ownership experience and we’re pleased to be able to share their knowledge with our readers.
We’ve also expanded and reorganized the listings sections to provide more relevant information on each car that is geared to the segment the car is in.
For example, you might not care too much about the fuel economy and cargo space of a performance car, but you might want to know how fast it can go, so we’re shining the spotlight on those aspects.
In terms of organization, our 333 entries are divided into the same seven categories as last year: Small Cars, Family Cars, CUV/SUV/Minivan, Pickup Trucks, Performance Cars, Luxury Cars and Luxury SUVs.
We’ve also expanded our back of the book section with our List of Lists where we pull out specific features car shoppers often look for, such as all-wheel drive and manual transmissions, and put them into their own list.
I could go on, but I think you get the picture. There’s a lot to digest, but by no means is the guide designed to be consumed all at once.
What we hope it will do is serve as a resource that will provide the sort of information and insight that you’ll want to return to over time.
In addition, all information contained here will also be online at guide.ignitionmag.ca, an ideal resource for comparisons, updated vehicle information, extra photos and more.
We’re glad to be a part of your car-shopping journey and we hope this guide will prove to be helpful along the way.