Tuning Essentials: Trucks #2

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Bigger is always better

Right? Yup, we think so too. In our second-ever special issue of TRUCKS, we’re looking at the biggest trucks (and SUVs), the best stories, the trending topics, and the coolest upgrades to hit this side of the globe this year. From lifted to audio and off-road gifted, inside you’ll find some of the most creative and well-crafted builds ever. Really.

To start, we have to go back to the home of the debut of our first issue of TRUCKS, at SEMA 2014. We’re talking thousands of square feet that makes automotive enthusiasts from all walks just stare in amazement. Dive into the #Trending section to see what trucks were all the rage, what made them special, and perhaps, where or when you can find (or buy) them yourselves. TRD had their full lineup of 2014 Baja trucks and a special appearance by their Trophy king, which you can find out more about inside.

Likely, the Ford on the front cover has something to do with why you picked us up, and there’s a lot to tell you about this truck. It’s built for extreme sports, and no – not every part is brand new. In fact, most of the cool factor about this truck is in its refurbished parts.

Speaking of cool, Memphis Car Audio helped out with a Spring Break Nationals F-150 that plays so hot, we had to set the photoshoot on ice. Also on the audio front, you can read in-depth about an Orion Jeep Wrangler loaded with a wall of sound so large that it may literally make your head explode. (Warning: ear plugs may be required while reading the story.)

We’re all here because we like our trucks and our toys. Associate editor Micky Slinger and photographer Brian McGee collaborated to put together one of the coolest pieces on a Toyota Tacoma motorcycle hauler that carries and off-loads a matching set of Ducati Monsters using a custom hydraulic motorcycle deck. The workmanship and creativity is impeccable, with the prose and photos to match.

After that, we go lifted into a menacing black Denali outfitted with the full treatment: 6.6 liters, 12 inches of lift, four-link suspension, 24-inch American Force chrome wheels and a lot more that you’re just going to have to read about!

Wondering how you can bring your ride to this level? Have a look at our friendly Buyers Guides, which cover everything from your front grille to your back hitch. Accessories, lighting, engine, fluids, wheels, tires, brakes, interior, chassis and exhaust.

Inspiration and how to get it. All here.

By now, the weather’s beautiful for all of us across this great continent, so now’s the time to get your rides ready and prepped for show, sound-off, trail competition, hauling and off-road season! We’re glad we could join you.