Tuning Essentials: Performance #5

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The “Go Fast” Issue // If you picked up this issue looking for fast cars, fast parts, and fast stories, you’re holding the right magazine, buddy. If you’re holding this issue and wondering if we have any subwoofers in here, you’ll only find them if they’re a custom rear-mount system that propels the car forward with earth-shattering SPL. Can someone Mythbust that, please?

This is PASMAG’s Performance special issue – the one issue a year that we dedicate to track exclusive and performance-built cars. As such, we feature a huge buyers guide in these pages to bring you the latest and greatest go-faster bits for your ride. Inside, you’ll find nine guides full of over 180 products, from intakes and exhaust, to drivetrain and force induction, plus even more! Start taking notes.

Of course, we also love to tell stories, and we’ve enlisted some fantastic cars and companies with great stories to tell.

From Montreal, we have DSG Performance’s latest customer car – a Varis-kitted Evo X Final Edition with 800 wheel-horsepower. If you take a look at just the engine modifications on its enormous spec list, you’ll have no doubts that this could be the ultimate Evo X right now.

Rolling around Alabama are two exo cars; a Miata and an Integra. When you take two cars with great handling and then strip them of 700 or more pounds, you get yourself a caged road rocket. You’ll definitely want an exo car after you read about them.

We also got a peek behind the scenes of Australian manufacturer V12LS, and how they piece together their bespoke engines. If you couldn’t tell by the company name, these geniuses build a custom V12 longblock, and then stuff it full of LS engine parts for reliability and power output. Great idea, or best idea?

There’s even more technical and feature stories inside, plus little bonus pieces of fun that we like to sprinkle in, like our Spot the Differences game. We hope you enjoy your time with the issue and that it inspires you to push the accelerator a little closer to the floor.

Available on newsstands Q4 October 2017.

Micky Slinger