Tuning Essentials: Trucks #3

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YOU ASKED FOR IT! Here at PASMAG, we pride ourselves on listening to what you, our audience, want. So far we’ve put out two stellar truck issues and you guys are still screaming for more! Well fine, here’s another one, just for you! We love these things, so keep yelling. If you’re new to PASMAG TRUCKS, don’t worry; it still carries the same concept of housing the latest trends, products and feature-worthy vehicles out there – except everything is focused on rugged, kickass trucks.

For example, take a look at our Trending section. A bunch of new truck (and Jeep) previews, SEMA build previews, industry news, mini features, and even a piece on the hot topic of Chicken Tax and how that’s getting in the way of sweet foreign trucks coming over into North America. It’s all here, take it in.

Our feature line-up is no different than usual – it’s the best. Our cover truck is Iram Ochoa’s lifted Sierra Denali. We’ve deemed it the “Skyscraper,” which we feel is appropriate because of how damn high it is.

You’ll also notice the Silverado and Wrangler teased on the cover as well, one of which is a #TBGLIVE winner. Read on to see what’s up with both of these awesome off -roaders.\

On the other end of the spectrum is a Mercedes-Benz G Wagon. Don’t start groaning; did you forget that before they were Insta-famous, they were off -road machines? Check out the that feature for the story behind the G.

Somehow, with everything else in here, we were able to pack over 50 new truck products in. With everything from side steps, to wheels, to tonneau covers and all the audio you’ll need to get your bench seats banging, we’ve got you covered.

We have a blast making these and we’re looking forward to making more. Got an idea on how we can make them even better? Shoot us an email at letters@pasmag.com. In the meantime, keep on truckin’!

Order your copy here at www.pasmag.com/backissues. (On newsstands December 2015)

Micky Slinger