Tuning Essentials: Style Book #3

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Style is an aspect in the automotive sphere that has been totally reinvented by enthusiasts in recent years. It wasn’t too long ago that some of the more impressive VIP builds were considered the pinnacle of vehicular style. We’re not saying they still aren’t (because really, they were doing widebodies, wide wheels and air suspension before anyone else), but they don’t hold the same traction as they used to.

Once again, it’s the innovations and inventions from Japan that are leading the way on this next trend. Refined air suspension systems and more widely available widebodies for a wide array of platforms have paved the way for more enthusiasts to be more easily included in this lifestyle – and we absolutely love that.

In this issue, we dedicate all our paper to the theme of style in its present state and some of the people pushing it forward. On two opposite ends of the widebody spectrum, we speak with RWB’s Akira Nakai while he was building twin RWB 964s in New Zealand, and Bill Brinkworth, as he and his brother produce Datsun S30 flares in their garage. Check out what they both had to say about their craft in their respective interviews.

Bulletproof Automotive is a whole group of individuals who are always pushing the scene forward. I first saw their BMW Z4 GT Continuum at SEMA, and from first laying my eyes on it, I knew it had to grace this cover. The build focuses on the blending themes and inspirations from different eras, while itself remaining timeless, or at least that’s what the aim was. Give it a read, look at the work behind the metal and see if you agree.

As always, we keep our noses to the ground in the aftermarket, so if there’s a hot new product out there that can make your car look better, it’s in here. Pour over more than 200 products in our buyers guides that cover car care, exterior, interior, lighting, suspension, tires and wheels. Start making notes!

We hope you gain some inspiration towards your build here. If you’ve got something awesome on the go, shoot me an email at editor@pasmag.com. I love to see what you guys are up to. Thanks for picking us up, and enjoy the issue!

Available in May 2016.

Micky Slinger