Tuning Essentials: Style Book #5

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STYLE MAY BE SUBJECTIVE, BUT WHEN SOMETHING REALLY LOOKS GOOD, IT’S HARD NOT TO NOTICE. When it comes to automotive style, there are countless subsections and niches to look at – thankfully, we think we’ve managed to cover all the bases in this issue. Back for its fifth annual run, it’s the PASMAG Style book.

Kei Muira’s design influence is widespread in the automotive world. The famous Rocket Bunny designer has his hands in a few off-brand projects that have been making waves in the scene. Our cover car, the Old & New Japan-kitted Porsche 996, is the beautiful result of mixing Kei Muira’s design language and some custom one-off touches courtesy of MS Auto Modify Service, a shop local to the Porsche’s owner.

Also included for closer inspection are two four-door Japanese rides, each unique in their own right. Ethan’s JZX100 is a minimalistic and sleek take on the cult-classic JDM saloon, which evokes memories of period correct highway racers, whereas Justin Wallace’s Lexus GS300 is the perfect blend of proper VIP styling and speed, thanks to a swapped-in turbocharged 2JZ-GTE. When it’s time to get technical, we sit down with some key figures in the industry who know a thing or two about style. Clinched, the body kit maker from Russia, has built up a lot of steam since debuting some new designs at SEMA 2017, and they walked us through the process of making a bespoke kit from scratch. We also spoke to Sensei 6 and JB MaF about what it takes to completely rebuild, refinish, and restore the coolest wheels in the game.

Sprinkled throughout the issue are a multitude of buyer’s guides, featuring wheels, tires, exterior, interior, lighting, and suspension products, all designed to help you add the most style possible to your ongoing projects. We’ve even gone so far as to divide them by section to help you window-shop and compare products to find what you’re really after, so what are you waiting for? Get flipping!

As always, thanks for picking up the issue. We hope everyone finds something that inspires them in this very special Style book. Enjoy!

PASMAG Tuning Essentials: Style Book #5 will be available Week 4 of June 2018.

Adam Gordon
Associate Editor