Tuning Essentials: Performance Upgrade Guide #8 w/ FREE SHIPPING

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Start Your Engines // That's Right - We're back again with the annual PASMAG Performance special issue, bringing you everything you need to fulfill your need for speed. In addition to serving as one of our most popular Buyer’s Guides every single year, the Performance special issue is designed to showcase the latest and greatest in performance automotive development.

In order to keep your shopping carts full (our apologies to your wallet), we’ve gathered more than 100 of the latest and greatest aftermarket performance products from across the industry so you can check them out at a glance. Everything you need to boost power, fine-tune your suspension, stop harder, and put more power to the ground is covered in this book.

Following that, we also break down a few feature vehicles, bolstered by some of the performance brands we know and love, to see just how their new products are being put to use in real applications. If you’re looking for the next big performance upgrade to your ride, you’re almost certain to find a candidate within these pages.

Without spoiling the surprises, we can confidently say that we’ve crammed this book full of performance knowledge and products that will help any weekend racer or speed freak achieve their next goal. So what are you waiting for? Get to page turning!

As always, thank you for reading. We hope we can help you shave those precious seconds off the clock this year.

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Adam Gordon