Tuning Essentials: Car Audio #8

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Turning it up to 11.

It’s foretold that if you look back far enough, way back into the annals of history, and peruse through a few of those dead sea scrolls, you’ll notice something about PASMAG and its origins. As some of you scientists may know, PAS stands for Performance Auto & Sound – but what could that mean? Here’s what our crack team of experts have come up with from the gathered data:

Sound in cars.
Car Audio.
Listen to the hidden message.

Okay, we went too far. Let’s go from “car audio;” that makes more sense. What we’re getting at here is that car audio is a large part of the secret formula that makes up PASMAG – it’s in the name after all. It just so happens that this issue is our eighth Car Audio special edition, which is 100-percent dedicated to being as loud and musical as possible.

Inside, you’ll find 10 test reports, in which our Technical Editor, Garry Springgay, has reviewed the newest and most exciting car audio components, from amps and speakers, to processors and navigation source units. If you’ve been considering building a system or updating your current one, you’ll want to take a read through those. We also have our usual extensive buyers guides full of hot new products for those of you who’d like to make more of a shopping list.

It’s always better to have some examples and sources of inspiration before you start building, so we’ve snagged some features to peer over and get some ideas for your execution. We’ve got DS18’s off-road-able Jeep Wrangler stuffed full of audio gear, PowerBass-powered Team Bevo, the Scion xB show car, and even Mobile Toys Inc.’s center-drive Civic! There’s levels to this, so we’ve covered all the bases.

On top of all that, we also deliver the usual PAS goodness - event coverage of Slamology and Aggieland V, and even a 2016 MECA Car Audio "By The Numbers" stat sheet. You'll also find what’s trending in the world of audio, and a shop listing of our Preferred Dealers! Enjoy our ode to car audio, and we hope it helps you build the best system you can. Stay loud!

Available on newsstands September 2017.

Micky Slinger