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Year in Review | It’s finally time to say goodbye to 2018 and usher in what 2019 has to offer, and for us, we want to give 2018’s year-full of tuning a fitting farewell. In this issue of PAS, we’ve included our Tuning 365 insert to encapsulate the 365 days from SEMA 2017 to right before SEMA 2018. We like to think that PASMAG’s year starts and ends with the big show.

Speaking of which, we’ve only got about a truckload of SEMA content to share with you guys, so be ready to dig into our favorite cars and best experiences from the show, as well as an intro to some of the coolest products hitting the market after their debut in Las Vegas. Consider this your inside look into the show, curated by our eyes.

You may have also heard about that little Tuner Battlegrounds Championship competition that we do. In its sixth year, 2018 saw the people’s Tuner Battlegrounds Champion as Andre Klebleyev and his BMW M3 GTR Need for Speed tribute. He takes home 3,720 of the total 5,634 votes, memories made over the week of SEMA, and the cover feature of an upcoming issue of PASMAG! Our runner-up, Rachel Ellingsen and her WRX STI, will also be turning up in our pages, so stay tuned for that.

On the subject of TBG runner-ups, Jesus Sanchez has finally made his print debut with us and we couldn’t be happier about all the updates made to his beautiful TSX. Backing him up in the feature department, we also have CAtuned’s Grape E30 throwback machine, as well as the menacing figure on our cover, David Mazzei’s 26B-equipped RX-7. Read into how each of these builds went from humble beginnings to gracing the SEMA show floor. We think you’ll enjoy it.

Happy New Year from all of us as PASMAG! We love being able to do this for you guys and appreciate you sticking around for another year with us. With 2019 being our 20th anniversary, you better believe we’ve got some amazing things planned, so there’s another reason to be excited for a whole new year. Cheers!

PASMAG #152 ships January 2019.

Micky Slinger